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Women Organizing and Empowerment Program
Compostela Valley
The program came as a result of efforts by Provincial Governor Jose Caballero to deliver equitable public services and to reduce poverty.
Women are organized from provincial to village levels, and across women sub-sectors–farmers, fisherfolk, labor, youth, Muslims, tribals, government, professionals, police, senior citizens, health workers, nutrition workers, and rural development workers.
Through the Compostela Valley Provincial Council of Women (CVPCOW), which counts over 60,000 card-carrying members, the women sector is consulted and is able to participate in the formulation of short, medium and long term plans for women. Part of the needs of CVPCOW is provided by the provincial government–organizers, staff complement, and project and operating funds. CVPCOW acts as the proponent, conduit and intermediary for lower-level women councils and community organizations.
At least 11,328 women had benefited from 29 livelihood projects. Women were involved in planting 320,000 trees throughout the province. Cases of domestic violence and child abuse were addressed.
Women were also involved in the organization of a livelihood program called Lamdag Panginabuhi. It is the province’s centerpiece program in “mass-production-for-mass-dispersal” of livestock, high-value crops planting materials, vegetable seeds, and fingerlings. It has a 97-hectare livelihood center for this purpose. It had provided livelihood center for this purpose. It had provided livelihood opportunities to 20,000 women. It addresses such concerns as malnutrition, health, and lack of livelihood skills.
The provincial government’s capacity to deliver services to remotest barangays had been enhanced by the participation of organized women.
This program is recognized as a Trailblazing Program, a finalist for the 2004 Galing Pook Awards.
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