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Sustainable Integrated Livelihood Program of Brgy. Baldios
Brgy. Baldios, Sta. Ignacia, Tarlac
Barangay Baldios in Tarlac has transformed itself into a progressive self-sustaining barangay, deriving income from its livelihood projects such as a mini-agro-forestry, fish production, pottery and brick-making. Around 291 households were beneficiaries of these livelihood projects. Though most lands are privately-owned, Memoranda of Agreements have been executed by the owners with the barangay officials to have these idle lands planted with trees or made into fishponds. A 30-70 sharing scheme has been agreed by both parties with the landowner getting the .30%. Cooperative efforts and partnerships have also been forged with municipal, provincial officials and other agencies for skills and technical training. Emphasis is on hand-made products like pottery. Families assigned to the planting and nurturing of the trees and other flowering plants in all seven puroks are given daily schedules.
Concerted efforts from all municipal and provincial officials had built the capabilities of the barangay constituents. From a complacent attitude of reliance to government, grew a self-committed barangay. They saw the fruits of their labor through increased income which had contributed to the improvement of their quality of life. Brick and concrete homes were built, amenities at home were provided and education for their children obtained. The spirit of volunteerism, civic-mindedness and commitment to these projects had by far instructed the barangay to develop the values of unity, cooperation and the will to rise from poverty. Community ownership has united the barangay.
The sustainability of the projects is dependent on the way the constituents them projects as a legacy for future generations. Maintaining these projects is their way of life. It is thus a fitting tribute to every Filipino, who rises amidst the harsh realities of his environment, to get hold of himself and to take pride for what he has achieved for the world to see.
This program is recognized as a Trailblazing Program, a finalist for the 1998 Galing Pook Awards.
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