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Pista ng Kalikasan sa Palawan
Pista ng Kalikasan is a year- long provincial movement designed to solidify people's commitment to Palawan's terrestrial and marine resources. It embraces a whole gamut of programs like the Pista ng Karagatan, Pista ng Kagubatan, Clean and Green, symposia and training on the environment, agricultural technology, waste management, land and water use. There are also cooperative movements, agro-eco fair, health festivals and plant shows. Through the leadership and coordination of the provincial government, each municipality develops and implements a program to promote sustainable development approaches, specifically participatory and community-based management of the community's resources. Every year, June 19 kicks-off with a series of community programs related to reforestation and livelihood. The highlight of the activity is a 4-month planting season of trees, mangrove species, ornamentals and medicinal plants in designated areas of Palawan.
In 1996, the target was to plant 1 million trees and in 1998 over three million trees were planted all over the province. With an annual budget of Php 200,000 for the procurement of seedling bags, propagules and other monitoring costs, the program has covered 2,000 hectares of land directly benefiting 120,000 Palaweños. The whole community is very much involved in environmental education and policy advocacy. lt established a "green vote" where 4 mayors who allowed illegal fishing were no longer re-elected. Fruit trees and flower gardens exist in almost every household. There is abundance in fish catch, well-irrigated farms and the absence of flooding. Nearly extinct insects like butterflies, dragonflies and fireflies abound. Even during the hottest season, weather is pleasant and not humid. Indeed, Pista ng Kalikasan has heightened people's consciousness on sustainable development.
This program is recognized as one of the Ten Outstanding Programs in the 1999 Galing Pook Awards.
Building safe, smart, and sustainable communities
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