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Parañaque Health Card System (Blue Card)
Parañaque City
The Paranaque Health Card System or Blue Card System is the banner program of the city and administered by the Paranaque Health Plan Office. This office was created through a Municipal Ordinance (No. 95-10) to undertake an integrated, comprehensive and effective health development program in the city. The target beneficiaries of this program were the low income families of 168 depressed areas of the city with a population of 194,307. Average income of the beneficiaries ranged from P2,000 10 P5,000 per month who were identified by social workers, rural health midwives and volunteer health workers.
Since the program started in 1996, there were 59,69card holders inclusive of their dependents. Financial records showed that the city spent around P25.30 per beneficiary who availed of hospital services and medical supplies. The beneficiaries are now motivated to access the services of health care providers, both private and public, available in their municipality due to the economic leverage they have gained as blue card holders. Ultimately, the result is a relatively healthier population.
The Paranaque Health Card System is a showcase of creativity in the implementation of an effective, integrated and comprehensive health development program. The primary strength of the program lies in the LGUs ability to establish an effective partnership between the city health office, the Community Hospital, the Paranaque Health Plan Office, and the various people's organizations. It has made significant contributions to the improvement of the social, economic, and health conditions of the economically marginalized sector of Paranaque. More importantly, it has significantly changed the perspective and behavior of the beneficiaries from one of helplessness and apathy to one of confidence, self-reliance and active participation in effecting positive changes in their health and environmental conditions. The program showcases a relatively empowered populace -- city health workers who serve as program volunteers and program beneficiaries who know what they need and what they want and what they can contribute for the furtherance of a health program which will best benefit them.
This program is recognized as a Trailblazing Program, a finalist for the 1998 Galing Pook Awards.
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