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Local Government Economic Enterprise Development Program
Surigao City, Surigao del Norte
The local government of Surigao City took the challenge of mobilizing financial resources and other revenue-generating ventures. It boldly established and managed four revenue-generating projects namely the city public market, commercial building, integrated land transport terminal and the Maharlika Training Center and Beach Resort. The market boasts of wider space. covered drainage, especially designated cargo unloading area and public weighing scales to verify the correctness of weights. The commercial building that was once a non-performing asset has been transformed into a one-stop supermarket. The transport terminal centralized the previous 5 different transport terminals located in different places and enhanced urban expansion away from the city center. Key players were organized namely the Surigao Integrated Jeepney Operators Association, Multi-Cab Operators Association, and the Surigao City Calesa Driver's Association. The training center and beach resort provided upgraded facilities for training, rest, and recreation in the city.
With this program, local generated funds have increased steadily. From Php 4 million in 1992, it reached Php 17 million in 1998 or an increase of more than 400% over a period of six years. This led to the creation of the Office of the City Economic Enterprise manned by an able technical staff with budget appropriation. An operations manual was likewise formulated to guide the activities of the local enterprise. The program showcased the ability of the LGU to analyze the local market situation in determining the most appropriate and feasible economic enterprise it should undertake. The able leadership of the LGU was evidenced by its capability to negotiate with businessmen, local entrepreneurs and loan servicing institutions to implement the program effectively. It created a great impact to the business sector that attracted numerous investments to the city and spurred the improvement of service facilities to the public. Most importantly, it developed a sense of pride among the Surigaonons that they can be at par with other big cities in terms of putting up admirable facilities and services within their territory.
This program is recognized as a Trailblazing Program, a finalist for the 1999 Galing Pook Awards.
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