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Bataan Public-Private Partnership Programs
Bataan Province
The Province of Bataan houses most of the largest industrial businesses in Central Luzon. Its strategic location within the economic gateway of Manila Bay and the special economic zones of Subic Bay and Clark is a key feature that would anchor further investments in the province.
With the hope to become the leading business destination and industrial hub in the region, in 2013, the provincial government of Bataan has leveled up and institutionalized its public-private partnership projects and created its own Public-Private Partnership Investment Center (PPPIC). The PPPIC is aimed to 1) support and enable the provincial government to catalyze public and private capital investment for development purposes, 2) generate economic growth in the entire province, and 3) coordinate and support the development and implementation of effective enabling environments.
One year since the start of the implementation of the initiative, the provincial government of Bataan has already managed to implement multiple PPP projects which showed successful results. For instance, the 24/7 traffic system used in the province is a PPP project. With its effective implementation, the provincial government is able to enforce local laws that contribute to income generation, reinforcement of discipline among its citizens, and decreasing the number of road accidents.
In 2020, the provincial government executed a Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) with a foreign company to launch the 1Bataan Agriculture Innovation and Technology Center and Incubator Farms. The project helped the farmers grow alternative and high value crops in their farmland by providing knowledge in innovative farming practices and modern farming equipment. There were also health programs implemented via PPP such as the Bataan Smart Health Card Project which provides detailed analysis and assessment of medical data and bills of the constituents. Another example of a PPP project is the establishment of the first Hearing Center in the province.
While the provincial government strengthens its relationship with the private sector through the PPP projects, the involvement of the civil society is not ignored. In fact, similar to the bidding process, the PPP process also involves public consultations with the constituents that are directly involved in a specific project.
Overall, the initiative was able to implement projects at little to no cost to the provincial government. They have reported that they generated Php170 billion in pledges for various projects, Php10.3 billion of which is being processed as of writing and Php2.6 billion worth has been implemented.
With the success of implementation of the projects under PPP, the provincial government of Bataan continues to pursue implementing projects in various fields. They also encourage its one city and eleven municipalities, and even barangays to consider venturing into PPPs for their own priority projects for easier funding and to maximize the advantage of partnering with the private sector.
The opportunities for Bataan continue to grow. By the end of 2023, according to Governor Joet Garcia, the Bataan-Cavite interlink bridge will start with the construction which will put Bataan in the center not only in Central Luzon but also within Calabarzon and Metro Manila.
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