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Barangay Talyer
Marikina City
Responsive programs emanate from simple but novel ideas that benefit the common man. One such great idea is Marikina's Barangay Talyer (village repair shop), a communal shop where various tools for cutting, carpentry, drilling, gardening, measuring/layout, welding, striking, threading, wrenches and others are stored and used for free by barangay residents particularly the marginalized ones and the youth. The tools and wrenches can be used for house repairs and renovations, manufacture of simple household items like choirs, tables, cabinets, children's toys, and sports equipment like basketball goal, swing. slide, ping pong table, etc. and bicycle repairs. The tools cannot be used for repairs of vehicles, manufacture of guns or other illegal activities.
A talyer was successfully piloted in Barangay Tanong in 1996. Triggered by the demands from other barangays, the city government replicated the program. Each barangay was provided with tool sets and equipment amounting to P200,000. The barangay council provided the construction of a 100 sq.m. shop costing P50,000 to P200,000 and the needed personnel. Barangay Talyer was open seven (7) days a week. Some tools were borrowed and taken home while others were used only within the premises. Supplies and expendable items were borne by the users. Any borrowed tools which were lost or destroyed were replaced by the borrower. The borrowed tools were returned within 8 hours or after use. The barangay chairman acted as the manager and a shopkeeper maintained a logbook to keep track of borrowed items as well as provide instructions on the proper handling of tools and equipment. SkiIls were taught on the use of tools and equipment.
The program benefited the residents in terms of better upkeep and maintenance of their community. Access to the tools motivated the residents to undertake productive activities for increased savings. It also afforded residents some sense of order and beauty due to well maintained houses and surroundings as well as income supplement toward a better quality of life. The project does not require a long gestation period due to its simplicity and immediate response to urgent need for repairs, renovation and productive activities of residents, especially the youth. The program is one of the creative ways to keep the youth away from drugs, alcohol and other detrimental activities.
This program is recognized as one of the Ten Outstanding Programs in the 1998 Galing Pook Awards.
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