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Barangay Self-Sufficiency Program
Oroquieta City, Misamis Occidental
The local government unit of Oroquieta City, launched the Barangay Self-Sufficiency Program (BSSP) in its 33 economically depressed barangays. It aims to transform Oroquieta City into a major provider of surplus agricultural produce thus converting its barangays into self-sufficient units. Essential components of the program were acquisition of agricultural land to be owned and cultivated by barangay residents with its income to be divided between the barangay government and its residents (the cultivators); lease of privately-owned agricultural land by barangay government as additional land area for cultivation; massive tree planting; planting of fruit trees and cash crops; chicks and piglets dispersals; mangrove and shoreline reforestation; values education; and grassroots entrepreneurship. From the sale of short term crops, the barangay gets 20% (revolving capital) and the 80% is divided among the members involved. Some barangays have expanded their planting area by buying more land or renting from private landowners who likewise get 10% from the proceeds as rental fee and the barangays and residents get its usual profit sharing.
After four years of implementation, significant changes were demonstrated in many barangays. Each barangay generated an average income of P27,093.44 from the sale of cash crops. Expected gross sales after eight years from the barangay and privately-owned 6.4 million timber and fruit trees is estimated at P3 million. The agro-forestry program of BSSP has changed the landscape and seascape making Oroquieta the greenest and cleanest city in the country. Due to increased income, additional activities were also implemented such as: educational assistance; improvement of health services, revival and support to sports activities and setting-up of barangay cooperative stores and a barangay bank. When before, hesitancy and aversion towards government sponsored projects prevailed among the residents---pride and enthusiasm now reign. BSSP catalyzes the city's vision to be one of the support agricultural areas for the Cagayan-Iligan Growth Corridor. The strength of the program lies in the active participation of the residents in various barangay activities even at the purok level.
This program is recognized as one of the Ten Outstanding Programs in the 1998 Galing Pook Awards.
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