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Replicating Best Practices


For the last decade, Galing Pook has put together a harvest of best and innovative practices through its awards program. These practices have proven to be effective, efficient and have greatly improved local systems, management and service delivery.

Every year since its inception, Galing Pook has evolved into a coveted local governance award, with a roster of 215 local governance programs showcasing best practices as proofs that devolution works in the country despite the challenges that go with the process.

Aside from the recognition of these exemplary programs, Galing Pook Foundation assists in building the capacities of local government units by disseminating, popularizing and replicating these practices. To accomplish this, the Foundation provides the venue in the form of learning and replication circles that will serve as a means for policy discussion, model building and cross fertilization of lessons among LGUs.

By providing the venue to share, discuss, explore and adopt best practices, Galing Pook hopes that LGUs will be able to explore their potential, respond to local needs, maximize their resources, --- and, realize good governance.



Galing Pook employs several modes to pursue its replication efforts.

Winner’s Circle

A conference workshop series involving past Galing Pook winners and other award-giving bodies with selected LGU officials. This sharing and dialogue between and among LGU winners and international counterparts will provide new perspectives and strategies to local leaders on how to address development and governance concerns in their localities. Galing Pook winners are also organized as a resource pool for peer to peer learning.

Palihan ng Galing

A technology exchange workshop series on specific development themes where LGUs, civil society organizations (CSOs) and governance experts will analyze award-winning programs against their own situation towards identifying and refining framework, strategies and tools that can be replicated. This exchange hopes to catalyze capacity development in local governance and sharpen responses to address local problems.

Galing Pook Natin

This is community-based replication program that will allow a group of LGUs to adapt a refined framework, strategies and tools in a collaborative arrangement with Galing Pook and other governance institutions and CSOs. The Foundation provides technical assistance in program design, monitoring and evaluation, case study documentation and mass media popularization while LGU adaptors and their partners provide on-site resources.

ICT Enabled Knowledge Sharing

This an information-communication technology mechanism to connect LGUs that need knowledge in local governance and development. A knowledge network that is user-driven, responsive and participatory . A demand driven Help Desk, composed of individuals with various technical expertise in local governance, will freely give their expert advice through on-line consultation for those who need information and knowledge at the local level.

“Ang Galing mo, Mayor”

Exemplary municipal governance practices of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP) are showcased during LMP’s island-wide conference and assemblies in a forum aptly called, “Ang Galing mo, Mayor!”.

Media Advocacy & Promotion

Galing Pook recognizes that media plays a key role in promoting good local governance programs and exemplary practices.
Feature articles and short stories will be released more systematically to effectively promote the good news in the field.



Participatory Local Governance

Effective citizenship participation in local governance is a turnkey to poverty alleviation and sustainable human development. Democratization in local governance, whereby citizens are active participants in governance, is a difficult process to undertake. Galing Pook highlights the value of people’s participation and empowerment as a prerequisite to good local governance.

Solid Waste Management

Galing Pook supports the implementation of RA 9003 otherwise known as the Philippine Ecological Solid Waste Management Act for a better and a more sustainable care for nature throughout the country. Galing Pook SWM awarded programs of Carmona and Santa Barbara (Iloilo) were showcased in learning circles / workshops in Quezon City and Negros Occidental to spur replication, in partnership with the Empowering Communities for Participatory Governance (ECPG) Inc.

Coastal Resource Management

Being an archipelagic country, most rural communities depend on coastal resources for livelihood. Our coastal resources continue to decline at an alarming rate. Galing Pook, in a bid to do its share, seeks to inspire the replication of the CRM experience of Looc, Romblon (awarded in 1999) in 17 municipalities in Quezon Province. Study tours and workshops were organized to facilitate the replication process.

Improving the Quality of Public Education

Focusing on education is an affirmation of Galing Pook’s commitment and dedication to invest on the country’s future, --- the children and the youth. Galing Pook supported the efforts of Synergeia Foundation in the strengthening of local school boards to improve the public education system, using the Naga City experience as model. Galing Pook organized a learning workshop in Bacolod City as well as a study tour in Naga City for several municipalities in Negros Occidental, who willingly took on the challenge. Aside from Synergeia Foundation, Galing Pook is closely working with ESKAN, Inc. in this endeavor.